Review of the National Standard for Cycle Training

We are starting a review of the National Standard for cycle training and have contacted Bikeability schemes and instructors to tell them how to take part in the process. If you are an instructor and have not received an email please contact us at and we will send you the material.

The materials that we are reviewing include the Level 1, 2 and 3 outcomes of the National Standard, the outcomes for instructor training and the some of the rules for teaching the National Standard. The review materials can be downloaded here.

The National Standard was developed by a range of government and non-government organisations and is underpinned by consensus rather than regulation. The original outcomes were agreed over 5 years ago, and given the goal shared by public bodies and the industry to continually improve quality of cycle training delivery, we are now looking to consider any necessary changes to keep the standard in line with current good practice.

The review will only make additions or changes to the National Standard where necessary and justifiable. Brevity and stability are desirable characteristics for a set of key training outcomes. We will encourage all that want to contribute to the review to come forward with proposals that are well-developed and have wider support.

National Standard Review Process

Although the material for review is now in circulation informally the official period for the review is from Friday 4th May to Friday 6th July. An important part of the review process is that responses are only going to be accepted from ITOs and CTSB members through a form that will be sent to those contacts. There are several reasons for this, but the most important is that the DfT is looking for considered responses from the leaders of cycle training.

After the closure of this initial review, time will be taken to sift these responses and if necessary seek clarification. The first draft of the updated National Standard will be circulated to ITOs and CTSB members on Monday 15th October with a deadline for responses of Friday 9th November. It is intended that the new material will be ratified by the CTSB in December and published in January 2013. After the publication of the new National Standard outcomes a process for updating training manuals will also begin and a timetable for implementing the new National Standard will be put forward.

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